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TREZOR two thousand sixteen Milestones

The year of two thousand sixteen was ample. Not only for bitcoin, but for us, the TREZOR Team at SatoshiLabs as well.

Since our project is open-source and we value transparency over everything (save for security), we would like to revisit a few things from the last year with you. Especially those things, which we consider both significant and amazing. It is, in a way, to display you how much has your support helped in taking us to where we are today!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane!

Fresh myTREZOR & labelling (20 January 2016)

Our vision is not only based on security and efficiency, but it is about convenience as well. Proved by our very first custom-built project of the year: the optional Labelling system, which added an extra layer of convenience for you, TREZOR users. However, this did not come at a security cost: Cloud stored data on Dropbox are scrupulously encrypted by your TREZOR device, making our point — Efficiency and Security.

Cryptosteel (9 February 2016)

Cryptosteel is an awesome and ambitious project, which got our attention on the very first look. It seemed like a ideal shelter for your recovery seed, protecting it from fire, against natural decay, or in case of other natural disasters. Most of the customers recognized it too and instantaneously robbed our stock.

TREZOR Metallic + Cryptosteel (23 March 2016)

We felt that Very first Edition of Cryptosteel had to be reinforced with something identically special and all of a sudden, there it was: a limited bundle of Very first Edition CS and Very first Edition TREZOR was born. Sold out in one day. Abandons Proprietary Backend in Favor of Open Source Bitcore (12 April 2016)

We like open-source almost as much as we like our customers. Since we have implemented our own Bitcore backend server to myTREZOR wallet, support tickets related to backends have almost dropped to zero.

Ethical Hacker and Bitcoin Hero Johoe Joins SatoshiLabs (Legitimate May 2016)

If you haven’t heard about Johoe, just click on the link. You can pretty much describe him with this statement: He’s our our hero and an amazing contributor to the Bitcoin community.

TREZOR Password Manager (Trio June 2016)

We see TREZOR as not only a bitcoin wallet but as a multifunctional contraption, as well. TPM was our very first stand-alone project and we are blessed to say it is our favourite.

We’re sold out for the very first time ever! (14 June 2016)

To be fair, we were not exactly blessed when it happened. Our customers’ satisfaction is always the top priority for us. But on the other palm, this was a clear signal that we are on the right track.

MyTREZOR is learning fresh languages (8 August 2016)

Amazing community project developed by you, people of the Bitcoin community. At the moment, myTREZOR wallet can be used in twelve different languages. All thanks to you!

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F/FIDO) (31 August 2016)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is presently the most common way how you can additionally protect your online accounts from unauthorized access. There is a safe 2FA method and there is a weaker one. We wished you to love the safer one (U2F) with the help of your TREZOR. Love the convenient and secure method of two-factor authentication!

TREZOR two Announcement + Hackathon (27 September 2016)

Without any doubts, announcing TREZOR two was the main event of the year. We are presently focusing on the development with all our manpower available and getting closer to the release, one step at a time.

Bitstamp Integration (Nineteen October 2016)

2016 was a indeed dangerous time to many BTC exchanges. We determined to fucking partner up with our friends at Bitstamp and add an extra layer of security to traders.

LaBITconf at Buenos Aires (4–5 November 2016)

In early November, we flew down to Argentina to attend a wonderfully organized Bitcoin conference. Using this chance, we officially introduced TREZOR two to a broader public for the very first time, along with the fresh development environment: TREZOR Core. Thanks for the warm welcome, Argentina!

TREZOR2 signed its very first transaction (15 November 2016)

As you can see, we have gone fairly far this year. All of this would not have been possible without your support. There are no words that can describe our appreciation of your immense encouragement, displayed every day on the internet!

Cheers to what two thousand sixteen was and to what two thousand seventeen can be!

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TREZOR is the most secure bitcoin hardware wallet in the world. It offers an unmatched security for Cryptocurrencies, Password Management, 2nd Factor, while maintaining an absolute ease-of-use, whether you are a security pro or a general user.

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