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Bitcoin news roundup: April nine 2017

Thanks for joining us for this edition of our bitcoin news roundup , where we’ll be sharing the latest on Bitfinex’s recovery post-hack, and bitcoin’s status as a legal form of payment in Japan. Proceed reading for all the details!

Bitfinex’s total post-hack recovery

Last August’s hacking of major exchange, Bitfinex , resulted in a loss of 120,000 bitcoins, worth $72 million USD at the time. The hack was the 2nd largest security breach seen by a bitcoin exchange and it shook the global bitcoin community. To decently record customer losses (minus an evenly distributed 36% loss), Bitfinex distributed BFX tokens. And as per their latest blog post , Bitfinex reported that due to a combination of factors, they were able to redeem all remaining tokens and make a “full recovery in just eight months.” As per their word, the final buy-back occurred at 20:00:00 UTC and fund requests lodged in about forty five minutes .

At 20:00:00 UTC, #Bitfinex will be redeeming 100% of all presently issued and outstanding BFX tokens. See announcement for more details.

In other exchange-related bitcoin news headlines, Fresh Zealanders upset about bitNZ’s unfortunate shut down in February will be excited to learn that BitPrime, an NZ-based bitcoin trading platform, has officially launched . Users can buy and sell bitcoin with bank transfers, cash deposits, and in-person at their Christchurch location. BitPrime uses LocalBitcoins as their third-party escrow playmate as a way to hold funds before releasing them, and presently maintains a 100% feedback score on their LocalBitcoins profile .

Also on a super optimistic front, cryptocurrency-only exchange ShapeShift announced they’ve raised $Ten.Four million in a Series A investment round. The exchange, which supports over forty digital currencies and assets, hopes to use the Series A funds to proceed to build the team “to keep up with [the company’s] rapid growth”. More arousing Series A news comes from hardware wallet, Ledger, which raised $7 million . With over 50,000 units sold so far, the company is hoping to budge beyond hardware wallets to provide security solutions for companies in sensitive industries.

Bitcoin acceptance in Japan; confusion about legal status in India

Last year, regulators in Japan announced a proposal to treat bitcoin in the same manner as conventional currencies. Just over a year later, bitcoin is now a legal form of payment in Japan . While this means more crimson gauze for bitcoin exchanges, the legislative endorsement is considered a significant step forward for bitcoin’s legitimacy. Shortly after the fresh legislation kicked in, reported that two large Japanese retail groups already have plans in the works to permit customers to pay in bitcoin. If things go well, it’s possible bitcoin will be accepted at over 260,000 shops in Japan this summer . A Business Insider article speculates this fresh treatment of bitcoin in Japan may be what sparked the latest price hop.

Indeed, Japan has become a major industry leader for digital assets. In contrast, the state of bitcoin in India has been a source for confusion. Union Minister of State in Finance, Arjun Ram Meghwal, made a statement that was misconstrued by a number of media outlets to mean bitcoin was deemed illegal in India . According to several sources covering this bitcoin news story including Medianama and the country’s largest bitcoin exchange, ZebPay , Meghwal’s statement is not a declaration of bitcoin’s legality, but a reference to the fact that it is unregulated and thus using it comes with risks affixed.

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