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Best Bitcoin Markets/Bitcoin Trading Platform 2017

Best Bitcoin Trading Markets: Bitcoins are one of the most popular digital currencies on the planet for a number of reasons. Owing to their popularity, it’s only natural that a number of Bitcoin trading platforms have cracked out of their eggshells.

So in this chunk I’ll walk you through some of the best Bitcoin market and trading platforms existing in the industry.

Before diving into this list on some of the best Bitcoin market (s), let’s share some points on what makes them the best, or what you should be eyeing for when searching for the best Bitcoin trading platforms.

Let’s understand the all best bitcoin markets info by the help if top ten Table. Table will help you for quick understand which Bitcoin Market is best for Trading.

Top ten Bitcoin Market/Bitcoins Trading Platform List

Total description and Factor about the best Bitcoin market / Bitcoin trading platform, check out bellow given factor and Bitcoin market utter features description.

Factors to Look For in the Best Bitcoin Market

Bitcoin markets will without doubt share one common core point, that’s they all are there to facilitate trading of Bitcoins. But there are fairly a number of factors which makes them stand apart from the crowd and the reason why only some of the Bitcoin trading platforms are in this list and not the others.

a). Trade Volume

Trade volume gives you an insight of how much of Bitcoin the Bitcoin trading platform is treating on an average. If the number is high, it’s a clear indicator that the platform is trusted and has a good reputation.

Also it’s general rule that trading platforms with more trade volume will find themselves closer to the average Bitcoin market value, while those with not as much trade value as them might venture away from that average.

(You wouldn’t want to miss the #Ten on this list, especially in regards to Trade Volume!)

You can check the trade volume on the platforms themselves, or from a general trade volume index from Google.

b). Security Measures

Bitcoin is a digital currency, so it’s the equivalent of real money in the digital world, hence it’s significant for the Bitcoin trading markets to make sure that there platform is as airtight as it can be.

So when choosing your Bitcoin trading platform you need to ensure that the platform you’re going with uses as many encryption protocols, security measures and methods to make sure your account and money is safe.

At the very least, a two-step verification is a must to begin with, after that there’s literally no end where this list finishes, the more steps needed to get into your account, the better (even if it consumes a bit more time than general logins!)

c). Charges

Obviously there are various amount and types of charges or fee any Bitcoin market incurs on its customers and clients. How much is the fee, and what are the grounds on which it’s charged also goes on to tell a expose a lot about the platform.

The most demonstrable charge pattern is the charge on your amount of currency on a percentile basis. The more currency you trade, the more amount you’ve got to pay as its percentage.

While others might use other models where only “Buyers” pay a fee and not sellers, or one of them pays a diminished fee, this model is called the “Maker-taker” model.

There are a lot of different payment methods, the trick here is to ensure what’s your purpose of using the platform, how much currency you’re trading, and which method or structure suits you best.

The percentile basis is the most used method because on a small-mid range it works best in the favor of the users, but if you’re trading a lot of currencies, the other models might be more profitable for you.

Now these aren’t “all” the factors which determine the popularity or efficiency of Bitcoin markets, but they are the most visible, lightly identifiable and influential ones for sure.

Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms utter detail description..

1). CEX.IO has it clearly listed on their homepage that it’s a Bitcoin market which facilitates ordinary Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin Wallet, where you can buy and sell Bitcoins, as plain as that. They have their base in almost 99% of the countries on the globe hence confirming their strong base in the Bitcoin market.

Beginning with the payment methods, it supports a broad range of options including Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer and even cryptocurrency!

As far as security goes, it has a strong encryption algorithm which protects it against any kind of potential threats, hence your currency is safe.

Also it has a special maker-taker model where the “maker” doesn’t have to pay any fee! Well yeah it’s 0% for them, only the taker bears the fee and even then it’s pretty lucrative and not strong on your pockets.

Or if you trade n bulk, in that case it has a special high-volume trade fee structure so you pay lower than you normally would have to.

Not to mention that it permits Margin Trading, where you can borrow money and hence trade more than you would have been able to on your own currency. It supports margins of 1:Two and 1:Three presently. And the best part is it’s all automated!

Two). LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a Bitcoin market with a totally difference vision and envioronment. In elementary words it can be explained as a Bitcoin forum where you actually meet with the person who’s selling or buying your Bitcoins.”Ebay of Bitcoins” describes it just fine.

You can either buy or sell your Bitcoins online on Local Bitcoins directly to other humans. LocalBitcoin servers as an online wallet, an escrow system to facilitate a safe deal.

Because of the fact that you deal with a human and not any online market or computer, the exchange rate and payment method differs based on the person you’re attempting to sell or buy it from, as they might be from different countries, have different currencies and might choose different payment methods.

But this also ensures a wide-range of payment options, infact it can be said that LocalBitcoins supports almost every payment method on the planet, because if the other party wants a Paypal transfer, Wire-transfer or anything else, it doesn’t matter as you can always make it separately and there’s no involvement of LocalBitcoins on that front mandatory.

As a safety measure, you can check any person’s “public history”, so people with high scores indicate they’re legit and can be trusted. The Escrow service from Local Bitcoin ensures that the seller gets their money only after you’ve confirmed receiving of the Bitcoins, and vice-versa.

Obviously two-step authentication is available and works towards making your LocalBitcoin account and wallet secure. If that’s not enough for you for some reason, there’s an extra security layer called “login guard” which makes sure you’re using the same device and same browser everytime, if not an extra e-mail confirmation is required to login.

Bottomline? LocalBitcoins is a Bitcoin market which decentralizes and humanizes Bitcoin trade.

Three). Coinbase

Coinbase is without doubt one of the best cryptocurrency trading market in the industry, it also is one of the most professional options when it comes to a Bitcoin market.

It offers plain buying and selling of Bitcoins, in one of the most secure environments in the industry.

It uses the “Dollar cost averaging” method and permits fairly a bit of automation to you as a user. Primarily you can automate purchase and sales of Bitcoin without you having to touch the computer.

The initial “buying” limit is restricted to a lower amount, and is raised later when you begin bitcoin trading more frequently and in higher amounts. You can use a Credit Card / Debit Card and any proof of identity to raise your limit with Coinbase.

The limit also varies based on your residence, type of citizenship and method used to purchase Bitcoins. The highest limit is $50,000 worth of Bitcoins/day for a entirely native and/or verified US resident.

Also ACH payment method will clear you for a higher limit compared to using a Credit card for the same. It was originally launched only with “Wire transfer” as funds transfer method, but has been tooled with Credit/ Debit and Paypal payments as well.

The processing fee differs based on Payment method and country. It’s generally around the brackets of 1%-3.5% based on the difference in factors.

The only downside is, you’ve got to be professional while using Coinbase. If you’re attempting to use Coinbase for anything that’s even remotely not on the brighter side of law, your account has a good chance of getting suspended.

Four). LakeBTC

LakeBTC is best known for its security measures and transaction fee, which identically competes with the fee of any other large Bitcoin trader in the industry since its early days.

The other feature worth pointing out is its fat currency support! It supports USD, HKD, GBP, AUD and almost all the other commonly used currencies.

It offers superb liquidity to individuals and institutions as well, and is a part of some of the largest Bitcoin indexes on the planet including IRBA and CFTC.

They use a trader-maker model by default, where the taker pays 0.2% on all the transactions, while the fee for the maker differs based on different factors.

Free:- For makers with volume >20,000BTC

0.02% if the volume is >15,000 but <20,000

0.04% for >6,000 BTC

And it grows up to a mark of 0.15% if the volume is lower than five hundred BTC and is then consistent till you cross the five hundred BTC mark.

Five). BitStamp

BitStamp is another giant in the line of facilitating Bitcoin trading in the Bitcoin market with an average 30-day trade volume of 222,000 (meaning lower Bitcoin prices and bulk buying opportunities for you!) And also is the very first “Nationally Licensed Operator” on the planet.

The primary edge they get over other platforms is their capability to accept a number of currencies, ranging beyond just “US Dollars”, including Euros, British Pounds and Francs (Switzerland) as well!

As far as processing fee goes, it has a very plain calculation to that. It uses the “percentile” system we talked about, you generally pay 0.25% for $20,000 and it keeps pulling down as the amount increases. The lowest mark being 0.10% at $20 Million!

You obviously get the two step authentication that almost every single Bitcoin market I’ve listed in this list accounts for, so in addition to your Password, you’ll also need to verify a custom-made OTP every time you attempt to login.

Albeit you can’t use “Paypal” to purchase Bitcoins, and that’s totally natural because of the “Refund” feature from Paypal which might lead to fraudulent activities from buyers if they are capable of reversing the transactions later.

The other factor which you might not be excited about is the fact that it does collect a bit of “private” information, albeit nothing that’s too individual, and it gives us a clear insight so as to how the information will be used, and under what circumstances.

6). Kraken

This is an enormously “Trade” focused Bitcoin market. But if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re exactly where you should be. Suggesting excellent Bitcoin pairs like JPY, GBP , EUR, USD it makes for one of the best Bitcoin trading platform in the industry.

Also I personally love the security, it uses two-factor authentication just like any other security conscious Bitcoin market, in addition to its PGP and GPG encryption algorithms.

If that’s not enough you can also initiate a “Master Key” for added protection to your accounts.

Apart from the two-step authentication and encryption, it uses a “cold wallet” to store the digital currencies. Meaning all fresh deposits will be stored in an environment which is fully isolated from any online system.

It uses two other kinds of Bitcoin wallets, semi-cold and hot to store currencies for different purposes. Point being, it’s secure, period!

Another one of the features I love about Kraken is its capability to let you use “Leveraged trading”, meaning you’re permitted to use as many as 5x shorting!

Eventually, it uses tier-based fee structure, which is in a way the opposite of the “percentile” system we’ve seen. In this system, the more currency you’re trading, the lower fee you’ll have to pay. And that fee is paid on a /trade basis and not on a renewal or scheduled time.

The “Maker” always has to pay a lower fee as a general rule for almost any other Bitcoin market, while the taker bears a bit steep fee amount.

7). itBit Trust

ItBit Trust has fairly a number of factors why it can be trusted and is one of the very first names in the Bitcoin market these days. Very first, it has been registered as a “trust”, so it operates in every state of the United States, and it has the deposits insured by the FDIC.

Secondly, its board of directors have been known to wield extreme power themselves, ranging from ex-US Senators to the chairman of the FDIC. Hence “trust” can’t be an issue with itBit Trust that’s established.

The fee structure is the “Taker and Maker” model, and it’s motionless. The taker has to pay 0.35% and the maker 0.50% transaction. Albeit they suggest a “Personalized fee structure” for institutions or if you’re an avid trader.

As far as trade volume is worried, it is Four,109.70XBT at the time of writing this lump, which is more than outstanding.

To top it all up, they use 100% cold storage for storing their Bitcoins, so security once again is not something to be challanged with itBit Trust.

Even their APIs are boasted of as “Fix and Rest”, so if you’re someone who needs direct access to their back-end, or goes with API integrations, itBIt Trust won’t disappoint you.

8). BTC-E

BTC-E is one of the major Bitcoin trading platform in the industry. So much so that it holds a majority of trade percentage in the total global BTC trade, which was Two.5% of all the Bitcoins being traded on the planet in the early days.

BTC-E’s metatrader permits Bitcoin shorting on the ratio of Three:1. It permits withdrawal via some of the most common and popular payment portals, including Paypal, Webmoney, Perfectmoney and Ukash!

It supports USD, Euro, British Pound, Ruble and even the Chinese Yuan! And not just that, other crypto- currencies like Namecoin and Litecoin are accepted as well.

It also has a chatroom for buyers and sellers to interact so if you feel lost you can always get almost instant support from others without needing to get the support team involved.

Without doubt it offers two-factor authentication for an extra security layer on your account.

The transaction fee is 0.20%/transaction generally, but it might differ based on your location and currency. As the USD is charged as 0.50% /transaction and the same holds true for Rubles as well.

It has a current trade volume of $20,341,900 which accounts for 39.71% of the total trade volume on BTC-E.

9). is a Bitcoin market that greatly resembles LocalBitcoins (just swifter!). BitQuick too is a platform where you can find real people to interact with, and can buy or sell Bitcoins directly to them.

BitQuick acts as an escrow service inbetween you and your other side, regardless of them being a buyer or a seller. The buyer pays a transaction fee of 2% (which is a bit high compared to other platforms out there to be fair!) , while it’s downright free for the sellers.

It’s best to use if you’re a seller and are looking to blast off some BTC quickly. Again, as it’s “people powered”, the exchange rate and the payment method would vary depending on the person with whom you’re interacting.

But obviously you get more options as you can use any option even outside BitQuick to accomplish your transaction.

Put simply, they take the “hassle” out of any Bitcoin trade. As the name suggests, they’re rapid, and ordinary, period. On an average, coins get reflected in your account within 20-30 minutes on a maximum (albeit a three hour grace period is officially demanded!)

Ten). BitFinex

They claim to be the world’s largest Bitcoin trading platform and well with a twenty four hour trade volume of $128,743,404, it’s indeed acceptable isn’t it?

Very first and foremost reason why BitFinex is worth to be on this Bitcoin market list is because of their magnanimous trade volume!

With a trade volume of $625,808,722 for seven days, and $1,425,215,354 for a month, they’re practically requiring trust.

Secondly, they claim to have the minimum slippage during an exchange, and support a broad range of options apart from Bitcoins, including Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin and Monero to name just a few.

And their security measures are earnestly one of the best I’ve ever seen with any Bitcoin market:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Login Data is monitored.
  • IP Address based confinements.
  • Instant account freezing option via E-mail.

And that’s not all! They even monitor “Withdrawal requests”, and in case of a foreign IP address, or any unusual activity the request is paused and a manual inspection is commenced.

And another one of their features is the capability to let you add “Address Whitelist” so the only place your Bitcoin can go is that specific address and no where else.

The currency is stored in cold-storage, with only 0.5% of the currency being kept in hot-wallets for everyday transactions.

Even the cold-wallets are protected, and require high-level manual access from the team to be transferred anywhere else!

So the one thing you’re undoubtedly getting with BitFinex is top-notch security for your funds.

They suggest “Margin Trading” as well with a leverage of Trio.3x which can be entirely automated.

As far as interface or customization is worried, they not only suggest some of the best looking dashboards, but they can be entirely customized from your end as well!

And obviously their API is advanced enough for you integrate with any of your custom-made made implements to monitor pre-made charts, create your own charts, edit orders automatically or anything else based on your abilities and creativity.

Fee structure is based on the Maker-Taker model. It starts with a 0.100% for Makers, and 0.200% for takers percentage. And step by step decreases up to the point of $Five,000,000, after which point the fee is downright revoked and trading is free for the makers.

Final Words for Best Bitcoin Trading platform:

So that was the list on some of the best names which popup on ” Bitcoin Market ” talks in the online or offline world folks. If there are some other names you’d like to see up on this list, feel free to use the comment box.

Also note that the “trade volume” and other such real-time data is correct for the time of writing this article and might slightly differ by the time when you’re reading this lump.

Do let me know which Bitcoin market you use, and why! Also what are the factors you consider while choosing your best Cryptocurrency trading markets? The comment box is all yours.

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