Which venture capital firms are interested in making blockchain investments?

blockchain venture capital

Some of the VCs I know that are actively exploring investing into blockchain startups and have already made some investments include:

and of course yours truly Point Nine Capital Berlin based Angel Venture Capital

That said, for most VCs (especially in Europe), blockchain still is a largely experimental area in which they do not truly want to invest atm.

There are a number of specialist firms that concentrate on the space – but it is a question of what specifically you are seeking to do.

We have a blockchain-enabled startup that is creating a decentralized distribution and anti-piracy platform for the film and movie industry. In terms of equity providers we have been in discussions with a few providers that are in the list below. But there is a fresh trick in town that could minimise the equity you need to give away – the token sale (often wrongly called the ICO).

If you can solve a business problem by creating a software platform that leverages a decentralized structure, which has at its core a crytpocurrency that powers the platform then you can potentially launch a token sale – essentially crowdfunding for blockchain-enabled software platforms. IF, and I mean IF, you can structure them correctly without crossing the wrong regulatory hurdles, a token sale is neither equity nor debt but the early acquisition of software tokens that powers the platform you are creating. But the added dimension of the tokens having a secondary market on cryptocurrency markets, means that as the platform grows in usage so the request for the token is expected to increase with a rise in price likely to be seen. As a result, even tho’ the purchase of a token does not, in most cases, give you equity or voting rights over the platform there can be a rise in the value of the token due to the spectacle of the platform itself.

Just consider Ethereum – with their Token sale in late two thousand fourteen the price at their crowdsale for each token was around $0.35 – each is now worth over $50 at the time of writing.

This is a fresh financing structure that is gaining traction but is fraught with regulatory challenges – how do I know? Because we are going through the processes of looking at our own Token sale in Q3 and are creating a diary of our journey to guide people through this fresh and powerful form of financing. If you want to sign up for our newsletter to detail when this diary will be launched – estimated to be by the end of April two thousand seventeen – then go to Wise ownership and distribution of your creative content .

In the meantime if you want to attempt the traditional routes (but depends on your stage) have a look at these organisations:

For ICO funding attempt:

Also check out the coindesk investments page and you can see the investors who have backed bitcoin and blockchain startups – too many to list individually

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